10 Ways to use Gold Votives for Weddings

10 Ways to use Gold Votives for Weddings

Every bride dreams of having a beautiful picture-perfect wedding straight out of all the fairy tales they read and all of the Hollywood weddings they've seen. Every groom wants to give their bride the wedding of their dreams! A lot of young couples tend to get financially stressed while planning dream weddings though or just settle for the fact they're going to have to cough up a ton of their savings to make their dreams come true. But what if I tell you that you don't need a ton of expensive decorations to make a fairy tale wedding come to life? All you need is a box of gold votives and creativity! Here are 10 ways to use votive candles for your Wedding.



Everyone loves a good candle! Pick out your favorite scent and place it inside an elegant gold votive decorated with a kiss of your wedding theme- your guests will be sure to thank you. These Rebel Villa Gold Votives are perfect to give as a favor gift. Great for an outdoor forest or rustic style wedding!

Not a big fan of candles? Just ditch them altogether! You can place anything inside a votive after all. Think of something fun and useful to put inside, like these little cacti favors Justin DeMutiis shot for a wedding! Such a great idea!

A great option from Rebel Villa is a small succulent Wedding Favor with a small Thank you sign inside


Floral decors at weddings tend to look repetitive these days plus they can set your budget back by so much! It's a shame to spend a fortune on flowers that you'll just end up throwing away after your big day. If you've got a green thumb and a passion for DIY why not give greenery garlands a try? You can start by making a centerpiece like this one Penny Travers made using gold tins, succulents, candles, and votives. Beautiful AND economical!

If you're going for a more simple, elegant, English garden type of look and don't want anything too fancy, you can opt for regular potted plants as well. The wedding Carolyn Marie attended chose fresh succulents for that full on garden vibe. You can even encourage your guests to take them home!


Whether you're going for a simple wedding or an extravagant one, you're sure to have banquet tables at your reception. These reception tables shouldn't be boring with just plain white sheets on top either- you're going to need a centerpiece. Some centerpieces are simple and others are much more bold, but whatever is found at the center of the table is meant to draw attention and make a statement.


Your centerpiece is going to take an integral part in setting the mood for your reception venue, so its important for centerpieces to exude the kind of mood you want your guests to feel. Michael and Sylvain had a cozy colorado castle wedding and used candles to make everyone feel like medieval royalty! Setting down votives and lighting candles of different shapes and sizes will surely exude an air of comfort and magic and dazzle up your venue all throughout the night.


Table Decor

The centerpiece is the star of the table for sure but even the brightest stars need a supporting act! Bringing out table decors, big or small, is a sure fire way to add more charm and character to your reception tables.


Julianne over at Beyond Frosting's rustic mountain-themed wedding had reception tables styled with gold votive candle holders and flower filled geometric lanterns. The lantern's definitely beautiful in its own right but the dainty little votives filled in all the gaps and made this set-up much more balanced.

Rebel Villa gold candle holders work with all wedding themes. This centerpiece is a beautiful whimsical Boho vibe with rustic details. These votives will be available on Amazon in January!

Votives look great and can work for any kind of theme too. Are you planning on having a fresh garden wedding with all the beauty spring has to offer like this one from Deer Pearl Flowers? Gold votives can provide a great contrast for greenery garlands with the freshest blooms.


The Aisle

It goes without saying that everyone's eyes are going to be on the bride as she walks down the aisle but before she takes that first step, or before the service even begins, everyone's eyes are going to be on the aisle itself! It's important to set it up perfectly and add that touch of magic that's going to be immortalized in the bride and groom's memories forever.


You can turn any outdoor venue into a shot straight out of every bride's fairytale dreams by adding touches of fairy lights, brightly lit candles and gold votives here and there- especially around the aisle. The warm glow that they'll emit will engulf the whole venue and change its mood completely, like this wedding from The Krafter's Studio. It'll make the bride's walk down the aisle look like it was straight out of a Disney movie.

Brides that chose to have an indoor wedding won't miss out on that Disney princess moment either! Garden Lana Journal thought of using gold votives around the aisle to light up dim venues and give it that priceless dreamy glow.


Weddings only come once in a lifetime and every bride and groom to be make sure that they'll remember this moment of their lives by going all out on their wedding photoshoots! Themed photoshoots are all the rage right now but even more important than sticking to a theme is making sure that the photographer gets that perfect shot that captures love all around and exudes that burst of happiness that weddings are all about.


This couple shot by Teresa Marie opted to go for a rustic yet elegant and modern jewel-toned theme and brought out gold votives of different sizes to complement the fresh bold-colored blooms surrounding them.

Lindsey Roman worked with this bride who envisioned a New England gothic-inspired wedding day with a touch of that enchanted forest kind of vibe- and they definitely achieved it! Their backdrop was lit with hundreds of gothic candles inside sleek gorgeous gold votives that definitely made their wedding look like it was straight out of a fairy tale.




Placecards are integral pieces in every wedding! Every couple wants their guests to feel comfortable and as happy as they are on their big day and one way to help achieve that is to make sure that they're seated with their loved ones as well. Placecards are perfect for getting rid of that pre-reception where-to-sit confusion and awkwardness!


Using candle votives as placecards is a BRIGHT idea for dreamy, romantic weddings. You can even personalize the votive itself so guests can take them home, just like the people over at LI Weddings!

If you're going for a more quirky, relaxed, and fun outdoor or garden wedding then your guests will surely appreciate these succulents and votive placecards Marrygrams made. They're fresh AND they look pretty and perfect for the 'gram.


So there you have it! Gold votives are elegant, flexible, and can work as anything- plus they're not too hard on the budget to boot!



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