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For Rebel Villa Products 


We have compiled some tips and tricks based on FAQs, we hope you all find these helpful. If you have any added tips for others please comment below! If you have any questions, reach out to us at



How to Hang Macrame Wall Hangings 
  • You can easily hang on a nail or a hook, very simple!
  • To shorten the length of the hanging portion of rope simply wrap it around the dowel as many times as needed, you do not need to cut. 


Trim your Macrame Wall Hanging
  • If your wall hanging is too long or the bottom is uneven you can simply trim it. 
  • Some of the rope might be more frayed then others, this is the nature of handmade products. You can trim the ends to make them uniform 


More to come! 
  • We are making videos as questions roll in. Stay tuned! 

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