Top 15 New Wedding Theme Trends of 2019

Top 15 New Wedding Theme Trends of 2019

With the launch of our new Wedding Decor Brand, Rebel Villa, I have started to research more on wedding themes so that I can understand what people are looking for and what is trending. I wanted to share some of this research in case it inspires you or gives brides and wedding industry peeps some fun new ideas. I think our Gold Votives pictured below and our Macrame Products will work perfectly with all of these themes. If you want to get on our mailing list to receive major discounted products in exchange for honest reviews please sign up below


1. Tropical

Tropical weddings have been all the rage for this year's best summer weddings. Awash with bright and bold colors, big flowers, and crazy elements like backyard luaus and barbecues, the tropical theme is definitely a sure winner for couples who like to embrace their wild side and would like to recreate the island paradise of their dreams. It doesn't matter if you're doing a destination wedding or setting up a party at your local beach- anyone can incorporate the tropics into their wedding quicker than you can say aloha!


This Tropical Terra Wedding was put together with Magical Moments leading the charge and Kim from Poppy + Rose Floral Co. styling the shoot. The photography was done by the amazing Marissa and Flowers by Morgan from Fleur.ish .



2. Greenhouse

Botanical themes seemed to conquer the industry this year, and there's no better way than to balance greenery and botanicals with having a fairytale wedding than getting married in a greenhouse. It's a pretty practical choice too! It's just like having an outdoor wedding but with a good roof above your head juuust in case the weather decides to be a bit difficult. Plus with their glass windows, greenhouses allow a lot of light in that you and your photographer will sing praises for.


Popular internet sensations Felix Kjellberg and Marzia Bisognin loved this idea and got married exactly eight years after they first met in a small ceremony inside a beautiful glass greenhouse called the Temperate House, located at London's Kew botanical gardens.


3. Barnhouse

All our ladies from the South- we hear you! You guys have been rocking it this year, choosing to embrace your southern roots and showing the wedding industry that there's no better place to get hitched than a barnhouse that feels just like home.


Doesn't mean your barnhouse has to get all rugged up though! DM and Liezel's barnhouse wedding was tastefully decorated with white tapestries and chandeliers and looked just like a dream.



4. Rustic

Rustic can mean SO many things- but we all know that there's a certain look we're referring to whenever we think "rustic wedding." If you know then you know, amirite?


I can see all the grooms' faces twitching in confusion so lemme give you a rough idea. Rustic weddings have strong country or farm-like influences and tend to mix tons of natural textures like bark, organic materials and fibres. They're pretty casual and often held anywhere that incorporates the great outdoors. So if you feel like you're a couple that wants a more fun and relaxed wedding, you've found the theme for you.


Cindy and Patrick were married at Los Tamarindos, a beautiful rustic venue in the outskirts of Los Cabos, Mexico and utilized a lot of wooden elements to create an earthy, homey vibe.


5. Bohemian

Bohemian weddings are a perfect eclectic mix of natural, rustic, and vintage. A lot of couples don't really see themselves vibing with the whole fairytale wedding or comfortable and relaxed vibe and would much rather have a wedding ceremony that lets them run wild and free. Bohemian weddings are incredibly flexible and leaves tons of room for excitement and imagination! I mean, who wants to be princess Aurora when you could be a free-spirited woodland nymph instead?



Elin and Oliver are wild souls who had a colorful and emotional wedding at Casa del Rio. They found the perfect team that understood their vision of creating a fun and exciting wedding with a lot of loud colors, sustainable elements, and tons of lace and macrame that allowed them to let loose and enjoy every moment.


6. Just Like a Movie

Are you and your partner both movie buffs or did a particular movie make an impact on your love story? A lot of couples threw movie-themed weddings that were all sorts of fun and sentimental. Movie-themed weddings are a great way to have a special day that's uniquely your own.


One bride was such a fan of Harry Potter, her fiance proposed to her with a ring on the tip of an Ollivander wand while the movie's soundtrack played in the background! They made sure to stick with the theme up til the wedding by decorating their venue with the Gryffindor colors and adding decorative touches that Harry Potter fans would instantly recognize.


7. Minimalism

Clean lines, flowing linens, sleek textures and sculptural details, crisp greens, and soft colors if any at all. Minimalism is all about utilizing simple, elegant details that speak to you and remind you that there is beauty in simplicity.


It's difficult to find the perfect balance between too much and too little, but it can be as easy as choosing to ditch the loud centerpieces and opting to use simple white candles with a touch of fresh greenery. This couple kept their reception venue simple and elegant by creating a focal point with delicate greenery.



8. Going Goth

If there's one thing we learned from this post so far, it's that more and more couples are choosing to go for wedding themes that define them as a couple, and as who they are. Going goth for your wedding can be a bold choice but the elegance and mystery this theme exudes can give you a stunning end result.


Black, red, and deep purples are obvious palette choices for a Goth-inspired wedding like this, but adding lights, candelabras, and different candles to the mix can give you that perfect romantic Victorian air. You can take this idea outside too- get creative like this couple who used trees to hang their flowers, votives, and candelabra. They even lined their aisle with candles for that added touch of dreaminess.


9. Loud and Edgy

Loud and edgy weddings are the unconventional and modern couple's alleluia. This bride chose to carry a loud and unconventional bouquet of deep blues, purples, and muted yellows and decorated their tables with blue velvet, confetti, wild centerpieces, and votives of different shapes and sizes.


10. Moroccan

Although real Moroccan weddings can get pretty complicated, Moroccan-inspired ones are fun, loud, eclectic, and were all the rage this 2019. We see this trend continually rising for the next years to come though- its whimsical and free nature make weddings super fun!


Moroccan-style weddings are known for their rich textiles and hanging decors. Transform your wedding using Morocco’s notable balance between eclectic flair and comfort with metal lanterns, colored moroccan rugs, and pampas grass of all sizes like this wedding.



11. Wanderlust

They say you'll find out if you're compatible with another person after you've traveled with them at least once- and I guess a bunch of couples caught the travel bug after testing that theory!


Travel-themed weddings are a great way to reminisce about past getaways, or dream about new ones. Irene and Sal thought of giving out passport-inspired wedding invitations to guests they want to take with them on their journey as man and wife. This couple ditched the traditional guestbook and asked their guests to sign a "guest globe" to show them they mean the world to them- pun intended!


12. Tropulence

Yep, you read that right. Tropulence- tropical and opulence combined. This is a cool idea for couples who want to have a classier, more luxurious wedding but still want to keep the tropical beachy vibes intact.


Kiirsta and David’s Ak’iin Beach Club wedding was a combination of tropical details, sophisticated style, and laid-back feels and embodied tropulence at its core.



13. English Garden

English Garden weddings are romantic and timeless, and are perfect if you're planning on tying the knot in Spring when all the flowers are in full bloom. Kelly and Anthony had the perfect English Garden wedding right in the bride's parents' backyard. They pulled off the look completely by using fresh white flowers and touches of greenery, keeping their wedding intimate yet sophisticated.


14. Fairytale

A lot of brides still want to feel like princesses on their wedding day, and intimately romantic fairytale weddings are still popular as ever.


Matthew gave Hiral the fairytale wedding of her dreams with no shortage of peach and pink florals, a lush green backdrop with a regal golden gate, a regal chandelier, and votives all around.


15. Classic Elegance

And of course, classic never goes out of style. Full of clean lines and sophisticated elegance, these are the types of weddings you'll look back at years from now with a fond smile. Timelessness over trends.


You can achieve the classic and elegant look by going traditional, like choosing to have your ceremony at a white tent decorated with white draperies and sleek navy accents. Keep your reception streamlined and elegant too by giving your tables a clean, contemporary feel using simple flowers and candles.


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