Happy Fallidays! Fall Christmas Transitional Living Room + Fall La La Banner

Happy Fallidays! Fall Christmas Transitional Living Room + Fall La La Banner

Is it me or is everyone decorating for Christmas early this year? Happy Fallidays I guess?! I always wait until after Thanksgiving but this year Christmas was calling to me. Instead of jumping straight into it I decided to create a Fall Christmas transitional decorating theme. My kids and I spray painted our halloween pumpkins and did some other DIY projects using Fall decor.  Im going with a Rose Gold vibe this year since our company Rebel Villa is introducing votive candle holders an a new wall hanging in Rose Gold Mid December 2020.  I also added the FALL LA LA Banner which is available for Free download below. 



Happy Fallidays Blog Post and Free Fall La La Banner



Spray Painted Pumpkins

The pumpkins were easy to spray paint, and I painted the stems with contrast metallic gold and rose gold. The colors used are Flat White, Blush Pink, Rustoleum Universal Metallic Satin Nickel and Pure Gold. 



Pumpkin spray paint DIY pink white Gold Christmas 


Pumpkins spray painted Gold Pink White Fallidays fall christmas

One note - you cant see if they are molding with paint on them which is why this spray painted mantel will be taken down after Thanksgiving... so only up for a few weeks. 

 Painting Pumpkins White Gold Pink for Christmas


Pumpkins spray painted Gold Pink White Fallidays fall christmas

Rose Gold Christmas Tree Pumpkin Holidays Decor Mantel with Pampas Fa La La La Banner

Beaded Garland 

The top strand of beaded garland was made by my business partner Mindy, she creates these for our Christmas Gift Boxes - check them out here and the bottom rose gold champagne strand I got at Hobby Lobby last year. 


Pampas rose gold blush fall christmas mantel

Below is our Christmas Holiday gift box that includes this beaded garland for $49.99 + free shipping. We ship direct to the gift recipient with a custom tag including To: and From: 

Purchase one here!


The mantel features our Rebel Villa Gold Votives, these matte metal tea light and votive candle holders work great for all occasions. The perfect centerpiece or dining room decor. The Rose Gold Colorway is  being introduced Mid December 2020 so stay tuned for that. If you want to know when these launch (perfect for a wedding) sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this post. 


Matte Gold Votive Tea Light Candle holders



This banner is available in Outline Format as well as Red. 


1. Download Banner

2. Choose which pages you would like to print. You can choose to only print the outline by picking page 1-2 only, or Red by picking page 3-4 only. 

** The outline version is flipped backward so that when you print it and cut it you can flip to the other side so you dont see any of the outlines you cut along

3. You can print the outline pages onto any color paper. See below, we printed on Kraft Cardstock. 

4. Cut out banner letters and leave the tabs on the top

5. Fold the tabs over string and tape or glue down

On my banner I included little pom poms. These are easy you can follow this tutorial 

FaLL La La Fa La La Banner for Fallidays Decor Free Printable download


FA LA LA LA Holiday Fallidays Free Printable Downloadable banner

Fall La La La Cut out DIY Banner For Mantel


Fa la la Banner for party christmas DIY

Kraft cardstock Fall la la DIy banner

Thats it! Pretty easy huh? We plan to decorate for true christmas after Thanksgiving. Some might find that exhausting but me and the kids love it. We are on a 14 day quarantine due to being exposed to Josslyns classmate with covid so we dont have much else to do but decorate!


If you are looking for a holiday gift please check out our Christmas boxes! They are the PERFECT gift for friends, family, clients and employees. We ship direct to recipient with customized tags To: and From:  The prices range from 29.99-49.99 and SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE. We can ship to multiple recipients, just email us at info@rebelvilla.com if you are interesting in more then 5 boxes. 

Rebel Villa holiday christmas gift boxes


Macrame Wall Hanging with rose gold metal geo wall hanging overlapping  

If you love this macrame Wall Hanging we have it ON SALE Right now, you can purchase on AMAZON or from ETSY or from REBELVILLA.com


If you are reading this blog and it inspires you, let us know by tagging Rebel Villa's IG in your post!  For other blogs and inspirations, go to our website.
Rebel Villa Signature Sonnet Okane and Mindy Flynn

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The kids decorating the christmas Tree
Kids decorating boho rose gold christmas tree
 Rose Gold Boho Christmas Decor
 Fall Holiday Christmas Decor with spray painted pumpkins and Printable banner
Fall Holidays Christmas Boho Home Decor with Pampas and pumpkins Blush and GOld

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