Our Colorful Christmas Living Room!

Our Colorful Christmas Living Room!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I just finished decorating and wanted to share our super colorful Christmas living room! Rainbow and colorful Christmas decor is making a major comeback, it’s less about traditional and more about cheery and vibrant vibes. Target has their own section of bright color Christmas decor, and if Target has it then it must be cool (haha).


Alright here are the deets. I've got a little pillow party going on on my couch and I think the JOY pillow really pulls the whole thing together. It was from Target but they no longer have it so here are a few options from Amazon, check out this colorful pillow and these rainbow pom pom ones! I threw in Red and Blue pillows also from Target for a pop of color because anyone who thinks green looks festive needs to get their eyes checked asap. The beautiful macrame pillows are from my own home decor brand REBEL VILLA - sign up here if you want freebies and discount codes in exchange for honest product reviews. These neutral pillows work with all home decor themes and add texture and elegance to your space. Our coffee table is from World Market and it still looks great despite my kids constantly jumping on it.

This post might contain affiliate links, but I only recommend products that I truly love. Thanks for supporting our blog!


I put up these paper snowflakes and stars by hanging them from the ceiling. I captured the process using time lapse!! So fun to see the wall come to life in a 30second clip. I wish i did the work that fast. ha! Although I didn't stab any fingers in the process so I still count this as a total win.


These are from Anthropologie, I got them 30% off during their Black Friday sale. Big one was 24$ and smaller ones were 12-14$ prior to discount.

Our tree is FAUX from Home Depot and I’m not ashamed. In fact I might even be proud haha, my life is much easier since switching to a fake tree. You can get smelly hangers from Michaels to make your tree smell like it is real. The Christmas train is also from Home Depot and we love it! It’s the kids second fav item after the elf on the shelf . This one has a remote and has lasted years. Definitely lasts longer than my patience when the kids fight over the remote SMH.

The large ornaments along the mantle are from Michaels and the Colorful felt garland hanging below them is from Target. Not gonna lie- it took me some time to get that whole 'organized mess' look. I tried to just place everything just right and hope for the best but that didn't work so I rolled up my sleeves to arrange everything but then it looked SO STIFF. Calculated messes are an art form guys.

Hustle juice! Ain’t that the truth haha. This mug is from Target and its been my constant reminder to get things going before heading off to work. We kicked off December by decorating the house so i've been seeing late hours and waaaay too early mornings lately. Kinda feel like a reindeer kicks me out of bed every morning but i'm still so so grateful for all the blessings and new beginnings the universe has been throwing my way.

More pictures of my macrame pillows from our home decor brand Rebel Villa! Aren't they super cute? We're super proud of how these turned out and we can't wait to share these with you- so watch out for deets real soon! Call me biased but I personally think macrame pillows are a staple statement piece. They add texture and depth to any room- and they make my couch look amazing!

Texting Santa is no joke in my house, it’s a legit threat and it works. I love the below pillow from Michaels especially at 50% off it cost me 13$- SUCH a steal. The kids and I keep quoting it and they never know if i'm joking or not which, to be honest, works well in my favor every. single. time.


My chair set is from Target. It's shaped like a butterfly chair, and is as comfy as a butterfly chair, but it totally isn't one. The wood planter is from world market and i'm no plant-whisperer but I think my leafy friends are pretty happy with their home. Gold votives are from our line, Rebel Villa. These little things shine like there's no tomorrow and classes-up any table. If you want to get your hands on these for super big discount sign up here!

This wall is full of macrame goodness. These wall hangings are from our Rebel Villa home decor line. We hung up pieces of different shapes and sizes because that's the best way to do it. It adds more character. We are launching them in January, if you want to receive one at a discount in exchange for an honest review sign up here.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and got a little bit of inspiration for your holiday home decor! Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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